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The biggest advantage of an ERP system is that all company data is linked. The use of an ERP business management system makes you more effective, flexible and efficient as an organization. The risk of inconsistent data is minimized, giving you better control over your business processes. 

The benefits of an ERP system

All your business processes supported in one system

Use via the private cloud or on-premise

Global and 24/7 access to your dashboards via Exact apps

Fully integrated with Exact for CRM, HRM and other add-ons


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ERP software places financial, logistics and administrative business processes together in a single information- and management system. Information only has to be entered once and in one location, reducing the chance of errors and allowing everyone to work with the same data.

Maximum profit can be gained when ERP solutions with industry-specific functionalities are used.

Why Exact ERP system solutions?

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